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HelpDEZk is a powerfull software that manages requests/incidents. It has all the needed requirements to an efficient workflow management of all processes involved in service execution. This control is done for internal demands and also for outsourced services. HelpDEZk can be used at any company’s area, serving as an support to the shared service center concept, beyond the ability to log all the processes and maintain the request’s history, it can pass it through many approval levels. HelpDEZk can put together advanced managing resources with an extremely easy use. Simple and intuitive screens make the day-by-day easier for your team, speeding up the procedures and saving up a lot of time. It is developped in objects oriented PHP language, with the MVC architecture and uses the templates system SMARTY. For the javascripts, JQUERY is used.

Getting started


  1. Login
  2. Access Profiles
  1. Admin Module
    1. People & Companies
    2. Holidaysdddd
    3. Programs
    4. Modules
    5. Type Person Permission
    7. Logos
  2. Helpdezk Module
    1. Status
    2. Priority
    3. Groups
    4. Departments
    5. Cost Center
    6. Services
    7. Email Configuration
    8. System Features
    9. Person Report
    10. Requests Report
  1. Opening a Request
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