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Instructions how to manage the system.


Admin Module

Here you can manage general system data.

People & Companies

Access: Admin > Records > People & Companies

Pleople and Companies shows all the recorded people and companies in the system. Gives the possibility to insert, edit, and manage permissions.

It's important to add all the people that are and can be involved in the system before you start the request's opening process, that will allow them the possibility to log in the system using an username and password.

1. Adding a new person

Click on the button 'New' above the people grid, a form will pop up, click on 'Natural'.


Form Instructions

  • Login: System's login name. *
  • Password: System access password. *
  • Confirm Password: Password confirmation. *
  • Name: Person Name. *
  • SSN: Social Security Number
  • Gender: Gender especification. Male or Female.
  • Birth Date: Person birthday.
  • E-mail: Contact Email. *
  • Company: Company that person belongs. *
  • Department: Department that person belongs. *
  • Telephone: Person telephone.
  • Branch: Person branch number.
  • Mobile Phone: Person mobile fone.
  • VIP User: Informs that an person is VIP. It's possible to change some features based on this information.
  • Access Level: Person access level *
  • Fill Address: Shows a new form used to enter address information.

1. Adding a new company

Click on the button 'New' above the people grid, a form will pop up, click on 'Juridical'.


Form Instructions

  • Name: Company's name *
  • EIN: Employer Identification Number *
  • E-mail: Contact Email. *
  • Type: Company's type can be costumer for company's that make requests, or partners for service providers. *
  • Department: A default department for the company. *
  • Telephone: Company's telephone.
  • Branch: Company's branch number.
  • Fax: Company's fax number.
  • Fill Address: Shows a new form used to enter address information.
  • Observation: Field for notes.

* Required Fields.

Helpdezk Module

Here you can manage HelpDEZk related data.


While the request is being attended it will pass through a lot of different statuses, from new to finished. Some status are pre-defined and the requests has its status updated to each realized operation.

Pre-defined Statuses:

1 – New When a request is opened by an user/operatro and was not assumed yet.
2 – Repassed When a request is passed to another operator or group, and was not assumed yet.
3 – On Attendance When a request is being attendend by an operator.
5 – Finished When the attendance process is finished.
6 – Rejeitada When the request is rejected by an operator.
7 – Canceled by user When the user cancels the request before an operator assume.

Important: The pre-defined statuses can't have their situations changed, it's possible to edit only it's name and exhibition color. It's possible to record new status inside de Attendance phase, such as: Waiting for provider, Waiting customer's data, etc.

1. Adding a new status

Click on the button 'New' above the statuses grid, a form will pop up.


Form Instructions

Name: Status's name.

User Exhibition: Status's name viewed by the user.

Exhibition Color: Color that represents the status in the attendance screen


Access: Helpdezk > Records > Priority

The priorities determinate the importance level of the requests. The system allows numerical (1 to N) or textual (High, Low, Average) records.

1. Adding a new Priority

Click on the button 'New' above the priorities grid, a form will pop up.


Form Instructions:

Priority: Priority's name or number.

Exhibition Order: Determinates the priorities view order.

Exhibition Color: Color that represents the priority in the attendance screen.

Attendance Time: Time in days or hours that the operators have to attend the request.


Acesso: Helpdezk > Records > Groups

Your helpdezk operators must be grouped by Attendance Groups. The Attendance groups are used to direct the services to it's responsible group.

1. Adding a new group

Click on the button 'New' above the groups grid, a form will pop up.


Just inform the group's name, it's level, and the company that it belongs.

2. Relating operators with attendance groups

You can see a list of operators clicking "View Operators by Group" in the groups program.


Choose the group that you want to add/remove operators, a list of all operators will appear. Checked users are already related to the group, unchecking will remove them from the group.

Just check/uncheck the checkboxes to add/remove operators from the groups.

Cost Center

Access: Helpdezk > Records > Cost Center

Cost center records are optional, they can be used for companies that have Cost Centers in their accounting department. This information can be used to provide request reports by cost centers spendings.

A lot of cost centers can be recorded for each company.

1. Adding a new cost center

Click on the button 'New' above the const center's grid, a form will pop up.


Select a company, enter the Cost Center's name and its code in the accounting department.


Access: Helpdezk > Records > Departments

Recorded company's can have a list of departments.

1. Adding a new department

Click on the button 'New' above the departments grid, a form will pop up.


Form Instructions

  • Name: Department's name. *
  • Company: Company that owns the department. *

* Required Fields

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